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Refill Kit 5 Pounds

Our Price: $19.95
SKU: rk-10lb

You are ordering a 10 Pound refill kit.  Use this to refill one of our jars or keep in your own container.  This refill kit with was approximately 80-90 loads of laundry.

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Product Description

Ultra concentrated laundry detergent requires only a small amount to wash a lot of clothing! It has all natural oxygen boosters as well as a few Downy Unstoppables for extra scent! (can be ordered without)

- All natural (except for Downy)
- Ultra Concentrated
- Affordable (load cost as little as $.15)
- Detergent designed for both HE and standard machines
- Includes stain and scent boosters for a superior clean!

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs