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Suds – N- Shine will be offering free samples of its product!  The qualification is simple, just follow the simple steps below and then place your order!  That is all, the product will be delivered right to your door.

In order to qualify for this FREE offer, simply follow these easy steps:

* Visit and like Suds -N- Shine Facebook page
* Visit and like Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.’s Facebook page
* Use the social media links below to share this page
* Follow Carmen Bradshaw on Twitter
* Follow Derrick Bradshaw on Twitter

Thank you for visiting Suds -N- Shine!

Here is a list of free items offered by Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. and its affiliates.

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  • tammyshank2

    im really looking forward to my free sample in hopes to like and purchase more later

  • Bacon Lover

    Too many hoops to jump through for a free sample.

  • Kathy Shriver

    I want to try sample.

  • Paul Noury

    I am interested in you sample and also to help promote it on my websites. I also feel that you are asking to much to be done for a product sample. I can see liking and or following the Company making the soap. For real Free Samples with no Gimmicks or hoops to jump through real tested and received free samples check out., and my older soon to be updated site.

  • S L

    Too much requested – I hate liking stuff on facebook when I have no idea if I even like the product or not. No longer interested.

  • lettann

    I want to try this sample please. thank you.

  • Janet Gilmore

    I cant wait to try it.

  • Keller

    I have sensitive skin so I am hoping this is mild enough for me. Looking forward to trying the sample .
    Thank you Carmen!

  • Crystal

    I would have ordered a free sample, but I am not going to “LIKE” your products on Facebook if I haven’t even tried them yet. Unlike a lot of people I don’t do Twitter either, I don’t even have a Twitter account! Kind of extreme just to get a sample…

  • Nora Grahe

    I want to try a free sample but can not get it to work! I need help, please!

  • Debbie E. Johnson

    I don’t do Twitter either.

  • Margie Rohauer

    I want to try this then i can unlike the page if i don’t like the product

  • Kathy Silberberg

    Have repeatedly tried to get this free sample with no success! Frustrating!

    • lori a

      ME TOO!!!!!!!

  • sarah kwon

    sample me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lupe Barajas Torres

    Never tried homemade laundry soap. Cant wait to try a sample!

  • Kathy

    I did everything you asked but don’t see how to get the sample?!

  • Laura

    I don’t mind liking you on facebook, but I don’t twit and I’m not going to add a whole bunch of other likes either. I’ll just stick to making my own like I have been for the last 3 years!

  • Jess Zingaslots Harrison

    All done, so how do I get the sample?

  • dakota

    i’ve done all you have required, but there is NO link for the free sample :(

  • Amaryllisminx

    It seems if you read the comments below, this is a scam to get people to “like” them, after “liking” everything no link for samples are given.

  • Veronica Cuebas
  • Shirley

    Where’s link to free sample

  • Deborah McBride

    Am I blind?! Where do I request free sample?! AARRGGHHHHH !!!!!!!

  • ScribblesDizzle

    Hi! I tried to get a sample last time this promotion was available, but I didn’t receive any. I am sure with the flux of people like me trying to get free things a few people could be missed, though.

  • Pat Loeb

    I don’t tweet, but willing to try the sample – but how? I am allergic to all those chemicals they put in most laundry soaps and am always searching for a better, purer product. If this works, believe me the world will know!

  • beancount

    I find this as a great opportunity to try something that was used long before we really started “improving” what really did not needed “improved”

  • Renee Powers

    I have done everything multiple times and ive still yet to receive my sample!

  • Christine Lewis

    I ordered your “free sample” months ago & never rcvd. Your site says it was sent. VERY UNHAPPY

  • Sara SMITH


  • Lisa Brown